What Will Your Website look Like in 2017?

When the holidays are over and users get on your website, what will they find? Will they find a website that is helpful in providing what they are looking for or will they get on, get confused and leave? It is vital that you have a website that users are happy to interact with. Just to make sure that you have everything nailed down here is a checklist.

  • What do the colors look like? Are they kind to the eye or are they so harsh that they make users want to get off immediately? There are many sites online where you can research the colors that work best with users. Get on one of these and find shades that are close enough to bring out your brand.
  • The same goes for fonts. People are very sensitive to fonts. A white font on a black surface, for example, is a bad idea – it strains the eye. Do your homework and find out which fonts are most readable – there is a certain range that most people seem to be comfortable with.
  • Content is what tells users what you are all about. If your content is not clear and concise users will have a hard time understanding what you are all about. If you don’t have very good grammar or even the time to come up with good content it is best to hire a professional. Never put up anything before you have read it yourself – each and every word has to encapsulate your brand.

  • The structure of the content also matters. You need to make sure that there are no long paragraphs or sentences – they make reading difficult. Also, make sure that all the proper punctuation is in place.
  • Today, people are watching video more than they are reading articles. This means that in addition to writing content you should make a few videos that explain what you are all about. They should be light and fun but they should be interesting enough to keep users engaged.
  • Although users will not see it, SEO needs to be your main focus in the coming year. It is the only way that users will find you in the first place. The best approach to SEO is to hire a professional – they not only offer a dedicated service, they also have the skills to get you to the first page of search results.
  • Make sure that there is a logical flow to every page of your website. Walk users through the steps until they are able to buy. That said, you should place buy buttons on several places on each page so that if users wish to they can buy without having to browse for a long time.

If your website meets all these criteria in the coming year you can expect to gain more online leads.